• Benefits of Acupuncture

  • Because acupuncture works on the whole of the person mentally, physically and emotionally it can benefit all areas of ‘dis-ease‘. l specialise in working on those deeper levels and some of the conditions that have brought clients to me are:


    Burn out

    Emotional imbalances

    Menstrual irregularities

    Management of chronic conditions

    Recurring pain

    Fertility both unexplained assisted fertility support and preparing to conceive

    Pregnancy conditions



    Good health is not just the absence of symptoms……..


    Acupuncture can benefit most complaints but where it’s excellence lies is with the complaints that go to the deeper level, such as stress.

    Because acupuncture works on physical, mental and emotional levels, it is ideally placed to balance feelings and restore natural energy and well being.

    When we talk about patterns of disharmonies we can see this clearly in a complaint like stress.

    Stress is a totally normal response  This is ok if the threat is short lived, we can recover without any negative health effect. But if it continues, if our job makes us feel constantly stressed or there is stress in our personal relationships then we start to see symptoms on different levels:



    Problems sleeping

    Allergic reactions such as eczema or asthma

    Digestive disorders




    Poor memory

    Feelings of constant pressure

    Lack of confidence at work




    Anxiety or panic attacks



    How these symptoms affect us is unique to each person, therefore, each treatment is uniquely tailored to each person. There is no ‘one size fits all’ in acupuncture treatments