• Emotional Acupuncture

    • We can all have times where we feel emotionally out of control.

      Times where we can’t stop crying, or the thoughts that keep going around and around our heads.

      Times when we are on constant high alert , without knowing why, which makes us anxious and drained.

      Sometimes we can pinpoint exactly when we began to feel out of sorts or recognise the trigger that can bring on these feelings . Other times it just seems that they spring up from no where. But what is clear is how very destabilising it is to every day life once we are in the middle of it.

      Emotional acupuncture is a very secure and trusted framework for beginning to make sense of these disharmonies. In acupuncture it is well known and understood that ‘Emotions not expressed make us ill’.

      What that means that when we suppress our emotions , for whatever reason , it has an effect on our health and well being. It can begin with something as simple as being more tired than usual for what we think of as no obvious reason , but it takes energy to keep emotions squashed down and suppressed.

      We can start with not expressing one particular emotion such as anger because it is too huge or ‘negative’ then after time end up not feeling anything at all, becoming dislocated from our selves and only living in our heads, to literally ‘ not be in our bodies’ , not grounded.

      Because acupuncture works on all aspects of us, the emotional , mentally , physically and at our core, it can balance all of these areas .

      Most emotions that are suppressed are suppressed for good reason, we feel they are so big they will blow us away or they will destroy our equilibrium. So in acupuncture we start by putting down a foundation. We do this by making us feel stronger , solid and more connected to our bodies.

      It is only when we feel strong enough will these old disruptive emotions can come up to the surface where they can be released safely.

      The aim in acupuncture is too remove blockages that hold us back and stop us being the best us. Once we have removed them , we come back to equilibrium. To be ourselves once more and enjoy our relationships with not just our self but with the others around us.