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  • "After a winter of feeling low emotionally and battling constant colds and viruses, I decided to try acupuncture. Seeing Melanie, initially every week for a 6 week block, really helped to give my immune system the boost it needed but it also helped me to make some life decisions too. Seeing Melanie is more than just having acupuncture; she talks to you before each treatment, encouraging self reflection and always makes sure she understands what you want from the treatment. This talking, coupled with the targeted acupuncture, has brought back a greater sense of self, balance, calm and strength. I still see Melanie each month and find this continues to help with my emotional and mental well being. I really would recommend acupuncture with Melanie; she has helped me to find greater balance, serenity and strength in my everyday life; as a busy working mum of two young children this has been essential for both me and my family! "

    Michelle, Teacher

  • "I first started seeing Mel when my husband and I were thinking of trying for a baby. She supported me through this time, the pregnancy and early motherhood with care, insight and empathy. I leave our sessions feeling calm, reassured, centred and re balanced. Her approach is so effective and I cannot recommend her highly enough."


  • "I came to Mel for treatment to address longstanding obstacles to my physical and emotional well-being such as stress and anxiety and was unsure how I could achieve this. The results of my acupuncture treatment have been profound. The sense of internal strength that comes with the balance and harmony she has helped me access have been truly life-affirming

  • Melanie is a great listener, without judgement she is able to have me express with surprising ease the imbalances & disharmonies in my life, present & past. Following this she explains the treatment in an intuitive & intelligent manner before starting on the acupuncture which in itself is a wonderfully relaxing experience. I leave feeling grounded & present & with a greater awareness of both my triggers & my shifting energies.

    Corin , photographer

  • Working with Melanie has been a life changing experience. She has held a mirror to me and little by little we are peeling the layers off. I have been shocked and moved as to how effective Melanie is. I wish everyone could have this treatment so that we could all create more balance and harmony in our lives.

    Kim , yoga teacher and events consultant

  • "I have had treatments with Melanie for some time now and I can honestly say they have improved my life no end. Before treatment, I was suffering from a wide variety of complaints but mainly all due to chronic fatigue and stress. It took some time before I noticed a difference but the funny thing was my husband noticed it straight away. He used to say “your always so nice after an acupuncture treatment!”. I had spent years just managing to go to work and keep a smile for that, the rest of the time I was miserable and anxious. That changed and so did my symptoms. My life is totally different I feel well! I love the way Melanie does a consultation. She spends 20 mins talking to you about how you are and what is troubling you then the rest with needles. She only uses a few so no need to panic if needles aren’t your thing. You don’t even know they are going in . It is like a light tap! I cannot recommend Melanie highly enough "

    Gemma, Ostopath

  • Melanie has helped me feel much more grounded and 'in my body'. She has helped me tackle deep-seated fear, anxiety and stress that has inhibited me for decades. Projects and enterprises that would have defeated me in the past have become manageable and enjoyable. I wish I could fully describe just how comfortable I feel in my own skin after a session of acupuncture with her, it is as if I am becoming the most whole version of myself that I always knew I could be but had never managed to get to previously. I think Melanie is the best acupuncturist when you dealing with emotional problems and problems such as anxiety and stress.

    Matthew, artist and teacher.